I’ve studied herbalism of various kinds in North America, South America, Poland and Zimbabwe. The approach I take follows the pioneer paths of herbalists such as Stephen Harrod Buhner and Susun Weed, as well as the masvikiros who taught me in Zimbabwe and my own dreams and interactions with plant bodies and spirits.

First and foremost, herbalism is based on the idea of a relationship between you and the plant - therefore, even though I do sell ready-made, general, herbal mixes, my favorite way of working is to make a special mix for you as an individual person. In my experience, healing is always done in relationship, and as a healer, my role is to be a facilitator of this relationship, or to simply make something available and step-back.

The herbs I work with come from different parts of the world - just as I myself come from various countries and cultures.

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All good and beautiful things to you and yours,


HERBAL MIXES AVAILABLE (50 USD/month - 150złotych (for Polish Customers):

*Zioła dla Mamy - Herbs for my Mother: a mix for older women, paying special attention to any digestive, joint, bone, and fatigue issues.

*Resurrection and Resilience Tea - a sweet-tasting mix of plants for fatigue and energy renewal, both physical and spiritual.

*Arthritis Mix - a mix for joint stiffness and the exhaustion that usually accompanies it as well as plants that build up hope in the heart.