It is not the theater that is necessary, but something completely different. To cross the boundary between me and you: to meet you, so that we do not get lost in the crowd - not in words, neither in declarations nor in the midst of beautifully precise thoughts." - Jerzy Grotowski

Greetings and Welcome!

My name is Klara Wojtkowska, and I am a Musician, a Storyteller, and a Ceremonialist. For years now, I have tried to marry the forms of Sacred Ceremony and what we do in the Arts in order to create a Theatre that is not only for a Human Audience. This Space-Creation comes in many forms - live, online, music, audio, within healing ceremonies as well as within a more traditional theatrical form. Still, within all of these spaces I am intensely aware that the audience is not only a human audience - the Theatre is a form of prayer-making that is not for people alone, and in its execution it does the work of the Shaman: the work of repair of the fabrics within and between worlds. Thus, it is a Shamanic Theatre.

Ceremony Theatre is not 'art for arts sake'; it is a necessity in these troubled times of ours. Of this I am convincted. My long journey to Ceremony Theatre, a road that took me through many countries, many artistic fields, a lot of education, a mess of a shamanic illness, and years of initiations and education from Spirit.

Therefore what I propose is a Ceremony Theatre of Many Forms: musical, theatrical, ceremonial, online and in-person. As the Ancestors have called me to Zimbabwe and Poland, it is in Zimbabwe (and Poland) where I am currently undertaking the process of opening up this space of grand gestures to the Spirit.

Ceremony Theatre, as I have been attempting it, will probably bore you out of your mind on youtube, but I am including a few links to some of my past works below. But here’s the thing - Ceremony Theatre is not really a thing that you can record - it’s a thing to be experienced, because at its root, it is a Ceremony. And Ceremony is not only for people, and the experience of it hides in the inexpressible things that are the invisible relationship between ourselves and the Divine. I wish I could say all of this in a hashtag, but I don’t (yet) know how.

What I know is this: mythology lives a big and bombastic and brilliant life in all creatures - human or no - and it is that which wants for expression, again and again and again, so that we repair and reconnect and reweave and just simply live and relive and live again that beautiful thing we are given, life itself. To do so, Ancestors should be present. They are also beautiful and they love us so very, very much.

A Theory of Hearing (Desert Performance, Part 1):

A Theory of Hearing (Desert Performance, Part 2):

A Theory of People (Part 1):

A Theory of People (Part 2):