What is healing? This we want to know when we are ill.

One of the most difficult things to find while riding the groove of your own healing journey, is to balance all of the cosmologies and realities thrown at you – both by your symptoms, as well as by healers and cosmologies and various forms of thought police. Allopathic medicine holds its own standards, but then there is herbalism, there is Ayurveda, there is yoga, there is qi-gong, there is Buddhism. Dealing with an illness turns into religion, because any kind of diagnosis is ultimately a form of meaning making.

What if you feel, however, that your symptoms mean something different? What if you have a sense that there’s a message being told to you – and it is such a deep and personal message that only you have the key, and yet you can’t get there alone? This will be our job. I will be your intuitive detective, your counselor, your supporter, your cheerleader, in all of those secret paths and decisions and feelings that have no place in any healer’s office. We will not be playing any specific cosmology, or fitting together a puzzle. We will be creating a beautiful ceremony of your life.

Prices, or other forms of energy exchange for all of the offerings are negotiable.

Ceny, lub inne formy wymiany za wszystkie poniżej wymienione usługi, są do ustalenia.

Contact: klara.wojtkowska@gmail.com



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